We want to ‘strengthen’ the church. We want to strengthen our stakes in the ground. One of our focuses for 2019 will be strengthening who we are and what we do. What does this mean? We want to invest in you. We want to help and support you, as you grow in your faith and the life God has called you to. Also, we want to take time to make what we do as a church better from our welcome on a Sunday morning to the website. We are planning 3 big events this year - Mission Sunday, Church Day Out and a Social Event.


Our desire is to ‘lengthen' our cords across the globe and start to build relationships and partnerships with churches, organisations and individuals in Sri Lanka. Some of us already sponsor children there and some of us have visited and served in the country. We really want to build stronger connections with Sri Lanka. Throughout 2019 our aim is to expand any pre-existing relationships and build new relationships. We are looking to take a small group from the church to Sri Lanka to start this. Over the course of this year we will be hearing about and praying for Sri Lanka.

Stretch Out

Over the last year we have been loving and serving the community of Turlin Moor through ministries, events and personal relationships. We have grown in our relationship and influence with people living on Turlin Moor. This year we want to ‘Stretch Out’ by building more relationships and influencing more people with the good news of Jesus Christ.

You might be asking how are we going to stretch out?

Increasing Ministry - Tea and Toast will be extending to 3 days a week and starting a new ministry of “Coffee and Chat” on fortnightly basis.

Modernise the HUB - We want to provide a modern and contemporary space that values people.

Employ - We have noticed a massive need to bring the good news of Jesus to the young people in Turlin Moor. Therefore, we are going be employing a Youth Pastor who will serve the Vine Church.