Acts: The Empowered Church

Acts kicks off with the ascension of Jesus and then people being empowered by the Holy Spirit. From that point on Peter, Paul, Stephen and many others went around Minor Asia spreading the good news of Jesus and praying for the sick in the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Churches were planted, leaders were appointed and the churches grew in number rapidly. Over the next four months we desire to become more like the church we read in Acts -

Empowered by the Holy Spirit,
Know that we are ‘All in it Together’,
living is community with one another,
Praying and expecting miracles,
seeing the power of the gospel change lives,
to know that church is called to go viral and expand. 


Sunday Sermons

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Over the next four months we will be posting on this website and sending our via email weekly blogs posts about the book of Acts. Different people in our church will be writing them.  Click the link below to see the blogs. 

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Acts Book - Devotional Series

For this preaching series we have put together an 'Acts book'. In this book you will find the whole chapter of Acts, devotional plan, place to write notes, life group questions. This book is for everyone at Vine Church and is free - pick up yours on a Sunday morning. 


Acts Timeline