Everyone has questions

We believe that everyone should have the chance to explore the Christian faith, ask questions and share their point of view. 

Our Alpha course in Turlin Moor is starting on the 08th October at the Hub, 193 Turlin Road running from 11.30am-1.00pm for 6 weeks. Refreshments will be provided. If you would like to come along you are more than welcome, please sign up below and we will be in touch to confirm further details.

All are welcome.

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Location 1: Sample Session

Time: 11.30am-1.00pm / 7.30pm-9.00pm

What does a session look like?

11.30am/7.30pm - Grab a Tea or Coffee

11.45am/7.45pm - Short talk on a particular subject

12.15pm/8.15pm - Opportunities to ask your questions in a small group with refreshments provided.

1.00pm/9.00pm - finish