Jesus Ranks Before




Welcome to our first ever blog post. From now till the 6th April we are going be releasing a weekly blog post, every Wednesday. Each blog post will be from the Gospel of John in parallel with our Sunday morning preaching series. We hope theses post will be both encouraging and challenging. The blog posts will be from different parts of the gospel of John from different contributors in the church. 


John 1:29-34 follows on from John the baptist testimony of Jesus. He now shares an account of when John first saw Jesus. Picture this, Jesus is walking towards John and Johns firsts words after seeing Jesus is “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” (John 1:29) This is a strong and powerful claim to make about someone walking towards you. But John was sure and certain of Jesus credentials. John speaks of Jesus’ deity - his divine nature. Something inside of John made him realise that this man is different and his is not just some ordinary man. John refers to Jesus as the Lamb of God -  In Jewish practice a lamb was often used as a sacrifice and this is one of the first suggestion we get for the primary reason for Jesus coming to this earth which was to sacrifice himself on the cross and pay the price for our sin so that we can have eternal life.


John describes Jesus as the one who ranks before me. John accredits Jesus with a higher rank than himself. A rank that is so high in authority and power that He can take away sin. In the army you get different ranks -lieutenant, captain and colonel and even business you can get different ranks. Ranks often mark ones permission to be able execute something, the responsibility and authority you have and for one to have higher rank they must have followers who are following them. For when John described Jesus as a rank before him he was saying that Jesus has the authority to take away sin and he is the one that is before me and the one I will be following. I wonder does Jesus rank before you in your life or does something else or someone else has that ranking? Do you follow Jesus with all that you are?


John then describe the scene before him of the Spirit that came upon Jesus like a dove and remained on Him. The appearance of the spirit was common in the Old Testament, but appeared mainly among designated leaders (such as a King, judge or prophet) and remind only for the duration of their God-appointed work. When John the baptist describes this scene of Jesus being anointed by the Holy spirit and remaining on Him It is scene that would of never been seen by the jewish people before for this is messianic anointing and unlike John who baptise with water Jesus will baptise with the Spirit.  This is also shined the spotlight on this man named Jesus showing He really was the Son of God. 


What Jesus had to do to take away the sin of the world required that he be more than a man. He was the Lord God of Isaiah 40. He was so great that the great John the Baptist was not worthy to untie his sandals. And he was absolutely before John in time and rank.


Don't’ forget to bring your Gospel of John booklets this week. If you didn't get one please pick one up this Sunday.